Our Team

Introducing the Team from SCBWI France:


Regional Advisor - Tioka Tokedira

As the RA in France, Tioka's met some wonderful writers and illustrators, publishers and young readers. They are a constant reminder of how lucky she is to be a part of the world of children's books. When she's not emailing the rest of the SCooBwI Board in the middle of the night with a flurry of ideas about our next great event, she's a YA acquisitions reader for La Martinière publishers and trying her hand at ghost writing series fiction for Working Partners. 

Before moving here, Tioka worked in New York and Washington on news and documentaries for PBS and the Discovery Channel. For the past seven years she's lived in Paris, although she recently traded her rooftop apartment for a boat so her exact address changes with the tides. She has a BS in education from BU and a MA in anthropology from Columbia. 

Assistant Regional Advisor - Dana Carey

began attending SCBWI France events in 2001 finally acting on a long simmering desire to get involved in the world of children's literature.  She became a member in 2004 and joined the board of SCBWI France in 2009 working on publicity and a Writer/Illustrator Retreat that was held in Brittany.

Regional Illustrator Coordinator - Andrea Ipaktchi

is working on a illustrated memoir for middle grade readers.  She’s a Parsons School of Design grad and has lived in Paris for more than 20 years. She uses her weekly improv theatre classes to inform her comedy writing and illustration work. Andi attended her first SCBWI event in 2004 and was swept away by the quality of feedback and support. As IC, she hopes to promote the sense of community by encouraging illustrators to develop their talents, share their work with each other, and attend SCBWI events.